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An array of encryption techniques has been proposed for providing data security. However, most of the traditional cryptography methods require complex algorithms for encryption and decryption. Visual cryptography is a technique which provides confidentiality without any cryptographic knowledge or complex computations. Visual information (e.g. printed text,(More)
Social Networking Sites(SNS) are becoming the preferred medium for internet users to stay connected. Unfortunately, there are numerous threats to the privacy and security of users' personal data shared on these sites. Some third party privacy and security enhancing applications and solutions are available, but they only give a piece meal solution. The need(More)
Anthrax Lethal Factor (LF) is a zinc-dependent metalloprotease, one of the virulence factor of anthrax infection. Three forms of the anthrax infection have been identified: cutaneous (through skin), gastrointestinal (through alimentary tract), and pulmonary (by inhalation of spores). Anthrax toxin is composed of protective antigen (PA), lethal factor (LF),(More)
Secure online payment is one of the important issues in today’s world. Online payment system as part of our daily routine life activities, gives many operation that remotely reduces human effort and make life easy in banking, online shopping, bill payments and ticket booking etc. In this proposed method present a secure online payment system which is based(More)
BACKGROUND InhA is a promising and attractive target in antimycobacterial drug development. InhA is involved in the reduction of long-chain trans-2-enoyl-ACP in the type II fatty acid biosynthesis pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Recent studies have demonstrated that InhA is one of the targets for the second line antitubercular drug ethionamide. (More)
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