Siddharth Malik

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An array of encryption techniques has been proposed for providing data security. However, most of the traditional cryptography methods require complex algorithms for encryption and decryption. Visual cryptography is a technique which provides confidentiality without any cryptographic knowledge or complex computations. Visual information (e.g. printed text,(More)
Social Networking Sites(SNS) are becoming the preferred medium for internet users to stay connected. Unfortunately, there are numerous threats to the privacy and security of users' personal data shared on these sites. Some third party privacy and security enhancing applications and solutions are available, but they only give a piece meal solution. The need(More)
A rapid growth in the E-Commerce market is seen in recent time in the whole extent of the world. With ever increasing popularity of online shopping, Debit/Credit card fraud and personal information security are major concerns for clients, Merchandiser and depository financial institution specifically in the case of CNP (Card Not Present). This paper(More)
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