Siddharth Madan

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Objective evaluation of acne treatment requires observing test subjects for multiple months. To capture the appearance of acne lesions during the treatment period, a subject is photographed at imaging sessions separated by time intervals of days or weeks. The efficacy of the treatment method is evaluated by counting the number of acne lesions in the(More)
In modern visual clustering applications where datasets are large and updates with new data may be ongoing, methods of online clustering are extremely important. Online clustering algorithms incrementally cluster the data points, use a fraction of the dataset memory, and update the clustering decisions when new data comes in. In this paper we adapt a(More)
Conventional light striping systems capture 3D data by stereo reconstruction and employ encoding systems to solve the correspondence problem. A confounding factor in this overall framework is the interaction of light with surfaces. Light is absorbed by materials and current methods tend to perform poorly for dark objects. We present a new approach to(More)
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