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In this paper we describe our solutions to the problems faced in building the fully featured auto-attendant application that currently provides telephone access to approximately 50,000 Microsoft employees. The paper focuses on issues that the application developer can address directly. Some of the problems tackled in building the grammar include the(More)
This study tests the drinking water supply of a marginalized village community of Khap Tola in the state of Bihar, a state in Northern India. Based on hand pump drinking water sample testing and analysis, we found that there was high levels of arsenic (maximum value being 397 ppb), in excess of the WHO limits of 10ppb. Analysis showed 57% of the samples(More)
Error Weighted Hashing (EWH) is a fast algorithm for Approximate k-Nearest neighbour search in Hamming space. It is more efficient than traditional LocalitySensitive Hashing algorithm (LSH) since it generates shorterlist of strings for finding the exact distance from the query. Wehave parallelized the EWH algorithm using Cuda and OpenMP.Speedup of 44 times(More)
Multi-component machining systems are being used in every sphere of engineering sector such as job shops, flow lines, communication system, computer system, etc. This paper presents fuzzy analysis of availability characteristics of machining system comprising of multi-active units and multi-standby units. The Markov machine repair model has been developed(More)
The new paradigm of Software Defined Networking (SDN) although has great potential to address the complex problems presented by enterprise networks, it has its own deployment and scalability issues. Further, a full SDN deployment has its own business and economic challenges. A smooth transition from legacy networks to SDN (disruption free, accommodating(More)
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