Siddarth Venkatesh

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We have applied the principles of biomimesis by incorporating a natural receptor-based rational design strategy in the synthesis of novel recognitive soft contact lenses. We have demonstrated the potential of biomimetic carriers to load significant amounts of ocular medication such as H(1)-antihistamines, as well as to release a therapeutic dosage of drug(More)
Zero-order or concentration independent release kinetics are highly desirable from drug delivery devices. In this paper we demonstrate experimentally, for the first time, zero-order release of a small molecular weight therapeutic, ketotifen fumarate (MW=425), from molecularly imprinted hydrogels used as therapeutic contact lenses. We performed dynamic, in(More)
Biohybrid platforms such as synthetic polymer networks engineered from artificial and natural materials hold immense potential as drug and gene delivery vehicles. Here, we report the synthesis and characterization of novel polymer networks that release oligonucleotide sequences via enzymatic and physical triggers. Chemical monomers and acrylated(More)
Molecular imprinting provides a rational design strategy for the development of controlled release drug delivery systems. We demonstrate that imprinting a hydrogel network results in macromolecular memory for the template molecule, indicated by the two or more times greater partitioning into these networks as compared to non-imprinted networks. Partitioning(More)
This review article highlights recent activities in the field of biomimetic systems and their application in controlled drug delivery. A definition and overview of biomimetic processes is given, with a focus on synthesis and assembly for the creation of novel biomaterials. In particular, systems are classified on the basis of three subsets, which include(More)
INTRODUCTION This short review highlights recent activities in the field of biomimetic systems and their application in intelligent therapeutics and drug delivery. Biomimetic materials and systems are exceptional candidates for various controlled drug delivery applications and have enormous potential in medicine for the treatment of disease [1]. Biomimesis(More)
A biomimetic approach has been exercised to design and synthesize novel contact lenses, to tackle the unmet need for the controlled loading and release of therapeutics on the surface of the eye. This work will demonstrate the formation and characterization of novel lenses with controlled loading and release of ocular H1antihistamines and antibiotics. Since(More)
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