Siddarth Ravi

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We live in on-demand, on-command Digital universe with data prolifering by Institutions, Individuals and Machines at a very high rate. This data is categories as "Big Data" due to its sheer Volume, Variety and Velocity. Most of this data is unstructured, quasi structured or semi structured and it is heterogeneous in nature. The volume and the heterogeneity(More)
Topology issues have received more and more consideration in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). While WSN applications are generally optimized by the given underlying network topology, another trend is to optimize WSN by means of topology control. A number of approaches have been identified in this area, such as topology directed routing, cooperating schemes,(More)
FPGA based Fault injection and Fault tolerance techniques are used to evaluate and validate the reliability of VLSI circuits. This approach combines the efficiency of hardware based techniques and the flexibility of simulation based techniques. The system efficiency and robustness increases as the reconfiguration of FPGA is not needed for each fault(More)
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