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Objective:The purpose of the Vermont Oxford Neonatal Quality Improvement Collaborative 2005 was to explore improvements related to the physical environment of the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) in order to optimize the neurodevelopmental outcome of newborns.Study Design:Five centers were involved in a focus group examining NICU environmental design and(More)
Generating new therapeutic hypotheses for human disease requires the analysis and interpretation of many different experimental datasets. Assembling a holistic picture of the current landscape of drug discovery activity remains a challenge, however, because of the lack of integration between biological, chemical and clinical resources. Although tools(More)
Objective:To review the existing evidence used to identify potentially better care practices that support newborn brain development.Study Design:Literature review.Result:Sixteen potentially better practices are identified and grouped into two operational clinical bundles based upon timing for recommended implementation.Conclusion:Existing evidence supports(More)
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