Sid Freedman

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Metabolites of arachidonic acid like prostaglandins have an established role in the pathogenesis of gallstone formation and cholecystitis, but any contribution by leukotrienes is less clear. Leukotrienes might contribute to the disease process by contracting the inflamed and (or) obstructed gallbladder, resulting in further inflammatory damage and biliary(More)
Locomotion in Aplysia can be elicited by food chemosensory, tactile, proprioceptive and nociceptive stimuli. The effects of these stimuli on cerebral B neurons, pleural neurons and motor activity in the foot were examined and the behavioral roles of identified synaptic connections among these neurons investigated in semi-intact preparations. The motor(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Impaired gallbladder emptying occurs in patients undergoing bile salt therapy for cholesterol gallstone dissolution and in patients with cirrhosis who have elevated serum bile salt concentrations. To determine if bile salts directly inhibit gallbladder contractility, isometric contraction of the guinea pig gallbladder was examined in(More)
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