Sichuan Guo

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The underwater acoustic (UA) channel is dispersive in both time and frequency with severe frequency-dependent signal attenuation. Efficient channel estimation and tracking are crucial to coherent high-rate UA communication. In this paper, we propose a new compressed sensing (CS) based channel estimation method with block-by-block channel tracking for UA(More)
This paper investigates a single-carrier iterative frequency-domain equalization (SC-IFDE) scheme for high-rate underwater acoustic (UA) communication systems. This scheme is based on the minimum mean-squared error (MMSE) criterion, and soft decision feedback is applied to improve the reliability of the equalizer decision. The proposed algorithm is applied(More)
In this paper, we consider multiuser multihop relay communication systems, where the users, relays, and the destination node may have multiple antennas. We address the issue of source and relay precoding matrices design to maximize the system mutual information (MI). By exploiting the link between the maximal MI and the weighted minimal mean-squared error(More)
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