Sibylle Schwarz

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We connect Lukasiewicz logic, a well-established many-valued logic, with weighted logics, recently introduced by Droste and Gastin. We use this connection to show that for formal series with coefficients in semirings derived from MV-algebras, recognizability and definability in a fragment of second order Lukasiewicz logic coincide.
Assigning semantics to logic programs via selector generated models (Schwarz 2002/2003) extends several semantics, like the stable, the inflationary, and the stable generated semantics, to programs with arbitrary formulae in rule heads and bodies. We study this approach by means of a unifying framework for characterizing different logic programming(More)
Currently, the variety of expressive extensions and different semantics created for logic programs with negation is diverse and heterogeneous , and there is a lack of comprehensive comparative studies which map out the multitude of perspectives in a uniform way. Most recently, however, new methodologies have been proposed which allow one to derive uniform(More)
Die Gesellschaft für Logische Program-mierung e.V. [1], die deutschsprachige Abteilung (für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz) der Association of Logic Programming [2], organisiert seit vielen Jahren den Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming (WLP). Auf dem alljährlich stattfindenden WLP treffen sich Wissenschaftler aus den Gebieten der logischen(More)