Sibylle Hahshold

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In this article we describe the concept of generating a mixed society of honeybees and artificial (robotic) agents in the project ASSISI|bf . We discuss the motivation of generating a mixed society as novel bio-hybrid system that can achieve selfawareness, self-regulation and environmental awareness through self-organization and collective information(More)
In this paper, a distributed adaptive partitioning algorithm inspired by division of labor in honeybees is investigated for its applicability in a swarm of underwater robots in one hand and is qualitatively compared with the behavior of honeybee colonies on the other hand. The algorithm, partitioning social inhibition (PSI), is based on local interactions(More)
s / Association of Institutes of Bee Research Seminar 653 Nosema ceranae sur les abeilles. 19. Brood behavior of bee colonies during fall and Nosema infections. D. de Craigher, G. Liebig* Brutverhalten von Bienenvölkern im Herbst und Nosemabefall bei Einund Auswinterung. Comportement du couvain dans les colonies d’abeilles infectées par Nosema en automne.(More)
s / Association of Institutes for Bee Research Seminar 677 Das „Thelytokie-auslösende Prinzip“: Eine Splicing-Regulation, die möglicherweise egoistisches Verhalten bei der Honigbiene Apis mellifera auslöst. 14. Population genetic analysis of sex alleles in a finite honeybee population. M.G. Lattorff , M. Medrano, M.J. Duchateau, R.F.A. Moritz(More)
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