Sibesh Bhattacharya

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Speech recognition is both speech oriented and speaker oriented. Both have fuzzy effect on them which adds to the hardness. During speech recognition, separation of the words and again redundancy of the voice responsible for the creation of words due to the vowels makes it difficult for analysis. We are trying with the wavelet neural network model to make(More)
Angular correlations of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with cosmo-logically distant sources may provide clues to these mysterious events. We compare cosmic ray tracks with energies above 10 20 eV to a compilation of radio-loud compact QSO positions. The statistical method emphasizes invariant quantities and a test of statistical independence of track and(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel algorithm for morphing any accelero-gram into a spectrum matching one. First, the seed time series is re-expressed as a discrete Volterra series. The first-order Volterra kernel is estimated by a multilevel wavelet decomposition using the stationary wavelet transform. Second, the higher-order Volterra kernels are(More)
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