Sibel Somyürek

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We present the Mastery Grids system, an intelligent interface for online learning content that combines open learner modeling (OLM) and social comparison features. We grounded the design of Mastery Grids in self-regulated learning and learning motivation theories, as well as in our past work in social comparison, OLM, and adaptive navigation support. The(More)
Open student modeling (OSM) is an approach to technology-based learning, which makes student models available to the learners for exploration. OSM is known for its ability to increase student engagement, motivation, and knowledge reflection. A recent extension of OSM known as open social student modeling (OSSM) complements cognitive aspects of OSM with(More)
INTRODUCTION Due to the rapid nature of information change, companies need employees who remain open to new developments and continually refresh their job skills to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Because knowledge doubles every 18 months (Wetmore, 2000), employees have to search for and acquire information in order to maintain or improve(More)
One of the major features of a computer based instruction (CBI) is its non-linear structure allowing learners the opportunity of flexible navigation to accommodate their own needs. However, this non-linear structure may cause problems such as inefficient navigation, being lost or cognitive overhead for some learners. The aim of this study is to determine(More)
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