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To investigate the effects of age on the reciprocal peak torque ratios during knee muscle contractions, 25 elite male soccer players, aged 22.3 +/- 3.8 yr (18-28), volunteered for the present study. The players were grouped as adult (> 21 years, n = 13) and young players (< or = 21 years, n = 12). Maximal concentric (CON) and eccentric (ECC) isokinetic(More)
OBJECTIVE The ideal nourishment for newborns with low birth-weight is breast milk. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of natural-feeding education given to mothers of low-birth-weight infants, on the mothers' breast-feeding self-efficacy level, breast-feeding success, and the growth of the infants. METHODS The study was conducted in a(More)
This descriptive study was designed to identify effects of difficulties experienced by adolescents who have a parent with cancer on their psychological condition. The study involved children of 13-18 years of age accompanying their parents who were receiving cancer treatment. The data were collected by a questionnaire prepared by the researchers, "Brief(More)
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