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BACKGROUND There are very few randomized controlled studies on exercise in cancer patients. Consequently, there are no guidelines available with regard to the exercises that can be recommended and difficulties are encountered in the clinical practice as to which exercise is more suitable to the patients. AIM The purpose of this study was to investigate(More)
Incontinence is one of the most frequently encountered problems in multiple sclerosis (MS), and it has a negative effect on the daily lives of patients. Therefore, it is important to investigate this complaint and start appropriate treatment early. The aim of our study was to demonstrate the validity and reliability of the Turkish-language Incontinence(More)
Frailty is one of the geriatric syndromes and has an important relationship with mortality and morbidity. The aim of this study is to present the characteristics, prevalence, and related factors of frailty in older adults in our country. The study included 1126 individuals over 65 years of age from 13 centers. Frailty was evaluated using the Fried Frailty(More)
The aim of this study is to evaluate the internal consistency, test-retest reliability, construct validity, and sensitivity to change of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale (ABC) in people with peripheral vestibular disorder. Thirty-three patients with unilateral peripheral vestibular disease were included in the study. Patients were also(More)
MS patients frequently present with urinary system symptoms, which have a negative effect on the quality life. The aim of our study was to demonstrate the validity and reliability of the Turkish King's Health Questionnaire (KHQ) in MS patients. The study included 37 patients. For analysis of test-retest reliability, the Turkish version of the KHQ developed(More)
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