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Query processing and optimization in mediator systems that access distributed non-proprietary sources pose many novel problems. Cost-based query optimization is hard because the mediator does not have access to source statistics information and furthermore it may not be easy to model the source's performance. At the same time, querying remote sources may be(More)
We describe how video data can be organized and structured so as to facilitate efficient querying. We develop a formal model for video data and show how spatial data structures, suitably modified, provide an elegant way of storing such data. We develop algorithms to process various kinds of video queries and show that, in most cases, the complexity of these(More)
Trust is an important yet complex and little understood aspect of the dyadic relationship between two entities. Trust plays an important role in the formation of coalitions in social networks and in determining how high value of information flows through the network. We present algorithmically quantifiable measures of trust based on communication behavior.(More)
The need to automatically extract and classify the contents of multimedia data archives such as images, video, and text documents has led to significant work on similarity based retrieval of data. To date, most work in this area has focused on the creation of index structures for similarity based retrieval. There is very little work on developing formalisms(More)
In this paper, we examine to which degree behavioral measures can be used to predict personality. Personality is one factor that dictates people's propensity to trust and their relationships with others. In previous work, we have shown that personality can be predicted relatively accurately by analyzing social media profiles. We demonstrated this using(More)
In recent years, new studies concentrating on analyzing user personality and finding credible content in social media have become quite popular. Most such work augments features from textual content with features representing the user's social ties and the tie strength. Social ties are crucial in understanding the network the people are a part of. However,(More)
Integrating knowledge from multiple sources is an important aspect of automated reasoning systems. In 23], we presented a uniform declarative and operational framework, based on annotated logics, for amalgamating multiple knowledge bases and data structures (e.g. relational, object-oriented, spatial , and temporal structures) when these knowledge bases(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of predicting personality with features based on social behavior. While network position and text analysis are often used in personality prediction, the use of social behavior is fairly new. Often studies of social behavior either concentrate on a single behavior or trait, or simply use behavior to predict ties that are(More)
Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of interactive multimedia presentations prepared by different individuals and organizations. In this paper, we present an algebra for creating and querying interactive multimedia presentation databases. This algebra operates on trees whose branches reflect different possible(More)