Sibabrata Ray

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In this paper, we survey recent advances in mobility modeling for mobile ad hoc network research. The advances include some new mobility models and analysis of older mobility models. First we classify mobility models into three categories according to the degree of randomness. We introduce newly proposed mobility models in each of these categories. Next we(More)
The fault behavior of an inverter interfaced distributed generator (IIDG) is determined by its control, which is significantly different from a conventional generator. This paper examines in detail the key features of IIDG's fault behavior with respect to interference with distribution protection. As an example, the fault behavior of a commercially(More)
The problem of partitioning task graphs in its general form is known to be NP-complete and it is extremely difficult to come up with simple but effective and fast heuristics too. In this paper, the tree task graphs are considered which arise from many important programming paradigms such as divide and conquer branch and bound, etc. The target architecture(More)
Network reliability is an important issue in the area of distributed computing. Most of the early work in this area takes a probabilistic approach to the problem. However, sometimes it is important to incorporate subjective reliability estimates into the measure. To serve this goal, we propose the use of the weighted integrity, a measure of graph(More)
Coordinated checkpointing has low stable storage requirements and simplifies the recovery process by reserving a set of consistent global checkpoints. Unfortunately, most algorithms that were proposed either incurred a high communication overhead or blocked all processes. Then, a coordinated algorithm was presented which was nonblocking and which forced(More)