Siavash Sheikhizadeh

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MOTIVATION Next-generation sequencing technology is generating a wealth of highly similar genome sequences for many species, paving the way for a transition from single-genome to pan-genome analyses. Accordingly, genomics research is going to switch from reference-centric to pan-genomic approaches. We define the pan-genome as a comprehensive representation(More)
Many disciplines, from human genetics and oncology to plant and animal breeding, microbiology and virology, commonly face the challenge of analyzing rapidly increasing numbers of genomes. In case of Homo sapiens, the number of sequenced genomes will approach hundreds of thousands in the next few years. Simply scaling up established bioinformatics pipelines(More)
UNLABELLED The quality of high-throughput next-generation sequencing data significantly influences the performance and memory consumption of assembly and mapping algorithms. The most ubiquitous platform, Illumina, mainly suffers from substitution errors. We have developed a tool, ACE, based on K-mer tries to correct such errors. On real MiSeq and HiSeq(More)
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