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Ionophore incorporated PVC membrane sensors are well-established analyticaltools routinely used for the selective and direct measurement of a wide variety of differentions in complex biological and environmental samples. Potentiometric sensors have someoutstanding advantages including simple design and operation, wide linear dynamic range,relatively fast(More)
The experimental conditions in quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) studies need to be the same for each dataset in case one wishes to relate the property, only to the structure. This major drawback limits QSPR studies due to two reasons: (1) Gathering of physicochemical data obtained under the same experimental condition is difficult. (2)(More)
Some drugs' migration time (MT) has been studied employing quantitative structure-property relationship using new descriptors that are able to predict MT value with high accuracy. MT property modeling of the drugs was established as a function of the new theoretically derived descriptors applying multiple linear regressions and partial least-squares(More)
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