Siavash Alipour

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Fast two-cycle (FTC) model is an efficient and the fastest Level set image segmentation. But, its performance is highly dependent on appropriate manual initialization. This paper proposes a new algorithm by combining a spatially constrained kernel-based fuzzy c-means (SKFCM) algorithm and an FTC model to overcome the mentioned problem. The approach consists(More)
Color image segmentation plays an important role in computer vision and image processing applications. Kernel-based fuzzy C-means (KFCM) is well known and powerful methods used in image segmentation. Moreover, an appropriate assigning weight to features can improve its performance. This paper focuses on improving the image segmentation capabilities of KFCM(More)
The electricity consumption forecast is especially important with regard to policy making in developing countries. In this paper, the electricity consumption rate is predicted using the data mining techniques. The datasets that were collected for predicting the electricity consumption are related to Islamic Republic of Iran - Mazandaran province pertaining(More)
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