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We study the time and length scales of hydrodynamic dispersion in confined monodisperse sphere packings as a function of the conduit geometry. By a modified Jodrey-Tory algorithm, we generated packings at a bed porosity (interstitial void fraction) of ε=0.40 in conduits with circular, rectangular, or semicircular cross section of area 100πd(p)(2) (where(More)
The mass transport properties of bulk random sphere packings depend primarily on the bed (external) porosity ε, but also on the packing microstructure. We investigate the influence of the packing microstructure on the diffusive tortuosity τ=D(m)/D(eff), which relates the bulk diffusion coefficient (D(m)) to the effective (asymptotic) diffusion coefficient(More)
We present results of computer simulations of the effective diffusion coefficient in bulk random packings of hard monosized spheres with solid volume fraction between 0.54 (random-loose packing) and 0.634 (maximally random jammed). Six types of sphere packings were generated with different protocols and parameters resulting in a systematically varied degree(More)
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