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The assessment of need has become a central element of the NHS policy on mental health care. Despite the importance placed on a needs-led mental health service, little guidance has been provided as to the most appropriate means of assessing need. The use of standardized instruments can facilitate a systematic approach to the needs assessment process.(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of socioeconomic status on the attitudes parents of preschool children towards child home safety issues and practice of home safety measures. SETTING A community based study in the Lanarkshire Health Board area, a mixed urban-rural setting in central Scotland. METHODS A postal survey of two random samples of parents of(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries are a major cause of mortality and morbidity in young people. Despite this, the long-term consequences for young survivors of severe injury are relatively unexplored. METHODS Population based cohort study involving 5 year post injury structured interview of all cases of major trauma (Injury Severity Score > 15) identified(More)
Healthy People 2010 made it a priority to eliminate health disparities. We used a rapid assessment response and evaluation (RARE) to launch a program of participatory action research focused on health disparities in an urban, disadvantaged Black community serviced by a major south Florida health center. We formed partnerships with community members,(More)
The present theoretical article addresses the empirical question of whether other species, particularly chimpanzees, have the cognitive substrate necessary for experiencing theistic and otherwise non-natural (i.e., non-physical) percepts. The primary representational device presumed to underlie religious cognition was viewed as, in general, the capacity to(More)
  • S A Evans
  • 2001
BACKGROUND It is argued that use of the term "accident" has a negative effect on prevention efforts as the term implies that such events are due to chance. AIM To test the hypothesis that use of "injury" in place of "accident" can influence professional attitudes towards "accident/injury" prevention. SETTING Leeds Health Authority area serving the(More)
A telephone survey was performed to examine the smoke-free policies at Lanarkshire general practices sited outwith health centres. Forty-nine practices were contacted and all agreed to take part. Thirty-three practices (67%) reported that there was a complete ban on smoking within the building. The remaining 16 practices (33%) reported that the building was(More)
Every year a number of young children are injured as a result of accidents that occur on board trains in Great Britain. These accidents range from being caught in internal doors, through to injuries caused by using seats. We describe our efforts to design a new set of safety signs in order to help prevent the occurrence of these types of accident. The(More)
  • S A Evans
  • 1993
The coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is the most costly single surgical procedure in the United States, making bypass surgery a key target for cost containment in the current health care reform environment. This article highlights the relationship between risk factors and costs and describes some of the current initiatives aimed at cost containment and(More)