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Meta-heuristic algorithms, such as the genetic algorithm and ant colony optimization, have received considerable attention in recent years due to their higher ability for solving difficult engineering optimization problems. This paper employs these techniques for estimating parameters of commonly used flood frequency distributions, and compares them with(More)
In this study, we use a new metaheuristic optimization algorithm, called bat algorithm (BA), to solve constraint optimization tasks. BA is verified using several classical benchmark constraint problems. For further validation, BA is applied to three benchmark constraint engineering problems reported in the specialized literature. The performance of the bat(More)
The contribution of this study is to propose a multi-stage particle swarm optimization (MSPSO) for structural optimization. In this paper, three auxiliary improving mechanisms are added to the standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) in order to enhance its efficiency and reliability dealing with optimum design of truss structures. These mechanisms(More)
This paper presents a particle swarm ant colony optimization for design of truss structures. The algorithm is based on the particle swarm optimizer with passive congregation and ant colony optimization. The particle swarm ant colony optimization applies the particle swarm optimizer with passive congregation for global optimization and ant colony approach is(More)
A discrete version of the Charged System Search algorithm (CSS) is developed to optimize truss structures with discrete variables. The discrete CSS algorithm, similar to its original version, is based on some laws from electrostatics and the Newtonian mechanics. Each agent in the CSS is considered as a charged sphere having a uniform volume charge density(More)
In this paper, an efficient optimization algorithm is proposed based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Simulated Annealing (SA) to optimize truss structures. The proposed algorithm utilizes the PSO for finding high fitness regions in the search space and the SA is used to perform further investigation in these regions. This strategy helps to use of(More)
The barrel vaults are composed of member elements arranged on a cylindrical surface. This kind of structure is utilized to cover the long spans. In this paper, the hybrid charge system search and particle swarm optimization algorithm is improved and utilized to optimal design of single-layer barrel vault frames. Some modifications on parameter values are(More)