Siamak Sarvari

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This paper presents the design of a DFE for a 2x blind ADC-based RX. The DFE is implemented in 65-nm CMOS along with a 2x blind CDR and ADC. Our measured results confirm 5Gb/s data recovery with BER less than 10-12 with a channel introducing 13.3dB of attenuation at the Nyquist frequency of 2.5GHz. Without the DFE, the BER exceeds 10-8. Introduction An(More)
This paper presents a combined anti-aliasing filter and 2-tap feed-forward equalizer (AAF/FFE) as an analog front-end (AFE) for 2× blind ADC-based receivers. The front-end optimizes the channel/filter characteristics for data-rates of 2–10 Gb/s. The AAF bandwidth scales with the data-rate and the 2-tap FFE is designed without the need for(More)
We derive the thermodynamic entropy of the mean field í µí¼‘í µí¼‘ 6 spin model in the framework of the micro-canonical ensemble as a function of the energy and magnetization. Using the theory of large deviations and Rugh's micro-canonical formalism we obtain the entropy and its derivatives and study the thermodynamic properties of í µí¼‘í µí¼‘ 6 spin(More)
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