Siamak Esmaeilzadeh Khadem

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In this paper, a mathematical model capable of handling a three-dimensional (3D) flexible n-degree of freedom manipulator having both revolute and prismatic joints is considered. This model is used to study the longitudinal, transversal, and torsional vibration characteristics of the robot manipulator and obtain kinematic and dynamic equations of motion.(More)
Absfracf This paper deals with the online path planning of mobile robots. We first suggest B systematic method to incrementally construct the Medial Axis of the workspace. This is done by using sensor information for land-marking the nodes of medial axis, which will guide the robot to explore the unknown environment thoroughly. Next, this approach is(More)
The nonlinear vibration analysis of a directly excited cantilever beam modeled as an inextensible viscoelastic Euler–Bernoulli beam has been studied by the authors and is reported in the literature. The viscoelastic damping was modeled as Kelvin–Voigt damping, and the nonlinearities arisen from the inextensibility assumption. This paper extends our(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyze vibrational behavior and the sound wave propagation in the finite-length fluid-filled multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and to determine the exact sound pressure load effect on it, and compare it to what has been used by the other researchers. For this purpose, the solution of the modified complex Helmholtz equation(More)
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