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A novel method is presented in this paper to precisely characterize the dielectric properties of silicon carbon nitride (SiCN) ceramic materials at high temperatures for wireless passive sensing applications. This technique is based on a high quality factor (<i>Q</i>) dielectrically loaded cavity resonator, which allows for accurate characterization of both(More)
A low-cost electrically scanned phased array utilizing microstrip patch electrically steerable parasitic array radiator (ESPAR) subarray cells is presented for the first time. Four single-layer three-element ESPAR subarray cells at one-wavelength spacing are uniformly illuminated by a corporate feed network consisting of microstrip Wilkinson power dividers(More)
In this report, the ongoing research at University of Central Florida on the realization of tunable and flexible electronics using Barium Strontium Titante (BST) is discussed. Using novel design and fabrication technologies, a reconfigurable reflectarray based on BST-integrated capacitively-loaded patch elements operating at K<sub>a</sub> band is shown. In(More)
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