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ii To Mom and Dad, for everything. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many people have made significant impacts in my life throughout my graduate school career. While I would be wont for space to individually thank each of the people who have touched my life during this time, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the following people for their great love,(More)
High instruction level parallelism (ILP) can only be achieved when data $0~ and control flow constraints have been removed or reduced. Data jlow constraints, not inherent in the original code, arise from lack of sufJi-cient resources for initiation and execution of multiple instructions concurrently. Control flow problems are caused by branches which force(More)
Measuring semantic similarity between words plays vital role in information retrieval and natural language processing. The existing system uses page counts and snippets retrieved by a search engine to measure semantic similarity between words. Various similarity scores are calculated from the page counts retrieved by the search engine for the queried(More)
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