Siam Charoenseang

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This research presents a design of an augmented control for a mobile robot using PocketPC via wireless communication under the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. The system is specially designed for nonexpert users to control the robot using softkey command, touch screen speed control, and fully graphic display for sensor fusion. The computer server(More)
This paper presents a skill transfer system of hand movement via Novint Falcon. In the research, expert can demonstrate his or her hand movement skill through the 3 DOF device while the novice is able to practice how to perform that trajectory on the same device by himself or herself. The proposed skill transfer system composes of skill modeling, skill(More)
This paper presents an effective approach for reducing steady-state errors of robotic manipulator. Although a conventional fuzzy controller has been widely applied for motion tracking of robotic manipulators, their position errors and velocity errors usually still remain at the steady states. To compensate the output of the fuzzy controller, a trained(More)
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