Sialve Bruno

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The main goal of this present study is to investigate the feasibility of coupling algae production (Chlorella vulgaris) to an anaerobic digestion unit. An intermediate settling device was integrated in order to adapt the feed-flow concentration and the flow rate. Digestion of C. vulgaris was studied under 16 and 28 days hydraulic retention times (HRT), with(More)
A spin label study has been carried out on bipolar lipids extracted from Sulfolobus solfataricus, an extreme thermophilic archaebacterium growing at about 85°C and pH 3. These lipids are cyclic diisopranyl tetraether molecules, quite different from the usual fatty acid lipids. Two hydrolytic fractions of the membrane complex lipids have been studied: the(More)
2014 The spectral diffusion occurring in non-linear electron spin resonance experiments performed at a suitable frequency of field modulation is exploited to gain dynamical information on an unusual class of lipids extracted from bacteria living in extreme physical conditions (high temperature and very low pH). These lipids are quite different from the(More)
A new, rapid, sensitive and reproducible micromethod for the fluorometric determination of usnic acid in pharmaceutical formulations has been developed. The method makes use of the quenching of the fluorescence produced by usnic acid in the solution of anthranilic acid in TRIS. The possibility of extending the method to cosmetic finished products is(More)