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Using a double selection process comprised of professional and lay judges, the cephalometric tracings on a final sample of 48 Chinese adults with esthetically pleasing profiles were analyzed. The soft-tissue cephalometric norms and standard deviations of two widely accepted soft-tissue analyses, the Legan and Burstone analysis and the Holdaway analysis,(More)
Different quantities and sizes of peanuts were offered to six human subjects for mastication at two or three experimental sessions during which jaw movements and chewing cycle duration were measured. The amplitude of vertical movement and cycle duration depended on the position of a chew in a sequence of chews (masticatory sequence). Cycle duration also(More)
Formation of plaque on the surfaces of dentures is a common problem among denture wearers. A study was conducted to determine the distribution of plaque on dentures. The plaque material was disclosed with a dye solution and measured with a modified Quigley-Hein scale. A photographic method was used to determine the distribution of plaque on the dentures of(More)
Chronic pain and depression often occur simultaneously, may have common causal mechanisms, and may also influence each other. An understanding of their precise relationship would be useful for the prediction of response to treatment and for better pain management for chronic pain patients. A biopsychosocial model will be used in this review paper to(More)
Trigeminal neuralgia is a type of facial pain that is difficult to treat. The pain can be excruciating and debilitating. The wide range of treatments currently used for trigeminal neuralgia is ample evidence that there is no simple answer to how it should be managed. This review will evaluate the current surgical procedures used for the treatment of(More)
The CO2 laser was introduced in Singapore in 1985 for dental surgery. It delivered a novel and brilliant adjunct for management of orofacial lesions and conditions. Tissue destruction is precise, immediate and quite bloodless. Oedema is not remarkable and healing produces minimal scarring. For small mucosal lesions, a power of 5 to 10 watts is sufficient.(More)
Technological advances in industrial manufacturing have contributed to improvement in productivity and quality of dental care. However, computer technology has also been exploited but not to the same extent as other forms of technology. This paper examines computer applications that have been utilised by various groups of dental professionals in the(More)
Odontometric measurements of anterior tooth crown sizes in a Chinese sample of 85 Class I occlusions were similar to those published in the white population except for larger upper lateral incisors and smaller upper central incisors in Chinese. Sex differences in tooth sizes were seen only in the maxillary and mandibular canines while differences between(More)