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RP software packages that manage and integrate business processes across organizational functions and locations cost millions of dollars to buy, several times as much to implement, and necessitate disruptive organizational change. While some companies have enjoyed significant gains, others have had to scale back their projects and accept minimal benefits,(More)
This paper explores ERP as an ambivalent technology of power. On the one hand, it may tighten management control by bringing a new level of panoptic visibility to organizational activities; on the other hand, the embedded business model within the ERP may drive empowerment of employees and greater control relaxation through the configuration of new process(More)
The IT project control literature has documented that clan control is often essential in complex multi-stakeholder projects for project success. However, instituting clan control in such conditions is challenging as people come to a project with diverse skills and backgrounds. There is often insufficient time for clan control to develop naturally. This(More)
This case study describes how the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Infocomm Development Authority, as lead agencies, jointly initiated and managed the implementation of a one-stop business licensing portal called OBLS (Online Business Licensing Service, https://licenses.business.gov.sg/) in the Singapore public sector. While the mandate from the top(More)