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The estimation of local mean signal power in wireless field strength coverage is of utmost importance in the planning of base stations in wireless mobile cellular communications systems. Many related topics about the estimation of local mean signal strength are based on Lee's Law, which has some restrictions in the real implementation. While, in the(More)
During the life time of software or even within the development stage, it is inevitable that the software needs to be modified. Test cases used before for the previous version could be reused in order to reduce the cost of regression testing. This paper proposes a regression testing methodology, called Partitioning of Domain Testing (PDT), to analyze the(More)
Test cases of original program could be reused in order to reduce cost of testing the modified program. The reusability of test cases is affected by the rewriting skills and test coverage criteria which are adopted in rewriting and testing process of modified program. This paper summarizes frequent rewriting pattern in rewriting program, and analyzes the(More)
As a basic prerequisite for worm detection based on computational intelligence in networks with locator/identifier separation, it is well worth considering the influence on worm propagation due to the incoming locator/identifier separation. In this paper, according to the characteristics of locator/identifier separation, we systematically analyze the(More)
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