Si-ping Chen

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The class imbalance problem, which exists in the field of medical image analysis universally, may cause a significant deterioration to the performance of the standard classifiers. In this paper, the related work on dealing with class imbalance is firstly reviewed, and then a proper generation mechanism of synthetic minority class examples is discussed.(More)
The process of liver fibrosis changes the rheological properties of liver tissue. This study characterizes and compares liver fibrosis stages from F0 to F4 in rats in terms of shear viscoelastic moduli. Here two viscoelastic models, the Zener model and Voigt model, were applied to experimental data of rheometer tests and then values of elasticity and(More)
Magnetic field exposure is an accepted safe and effective modality for nerve injury. However, it is clinically used only as a supplement or salvage therapy at the later stage of treatment. Here, we used a planarian Girardia sinensis decapitated model to investigate beneficial effects of early rotary non-uniform magnetic fields (RMFs) exposure on central(More)
Image-guided neurosurgery is playing a more and more important role in modern neurosurgical therapy. The current trend is to construct an open platform for image-guided neurosurgery, to make applied researches of various new therapeutic techniques, and finally to integrate them into the clinical image-guided neurosurgery system.
Transient elastography (TE) is well adapted for use in studying liver elasticity. However, because the shear wave motion signal is extracted from the ultrasound signal, the weak ultrasound signal can significantly deteriorate the shear wave motion tracking process and make it challenging to detect the shear wave motion in a severe noise environment, such as(More)
Severe sex ratio imbalance at birth is now becoming an important issue in several Asian countries. Its leading immediate cause is prenatal sex-selective abortion following illegal sex identification by ultrasound scanning. In this paper, a fast automatic recognition and location algorithm for fetal genital organs is proposed as an effective method to help(More)
In this study, a modified topology-adaptive snake (T-snake) is proposed for the segmentation of ultrasound image. The algorithm was improved as follows. First, the image is decomposed in the place which has offset from pixel's position while snake points are in pixel's position. This will reduce the task during calculating intersections between contour and(More)
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