Si-Yuan Jing

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Cloud computing is an important paradigm in Information Knowledge field. The main aim of Green Cloud computing is to reduce the energy consumed by physical resources in data center and save energy and also increases the performance of the system. There are several scheduling algorithms such as Adaptive Min-Min Scheduling Algorithm; Multilevel Feedback Queue(More)
Word alignment is still the most time-consuming task in statistical machine translation. This paper deeply analyzes the performance bottleneck of MGIZA++, which is the most commonly used word alignment tool, and proposes a lock-free programming method to speed up the modern word alignment parallel algorithm. Firstly, a word alignment oriented linear(More)
Spelling errors are very common in various electronic documents and it leads to serious influence sometimes. To solve this problem, methods based on the n-gram language model are the most commonly used. CSLM (continuous space language model) which represents a word as a vector is different from traditional models. In this paper, we experimented with a(More)
Word alignment is a basic task in natural language processing and it usually serves as the starting point when building a modern statistical machine translation system. However, the state-of-art parallel algorithm for word alignment is still time-consuming. In this work, we explore a parallel implementation of word alignment algorithm on Graphics Processor(More)
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