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The radial artery superficial palmar branch flap: a modified free thenar flap with constant innervation.
The free thenar flap is useful for coverage of volar finger defects but has an inconstant innervation based on the presence of either the lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (LABC) or theExpand
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Challenges in fingertip replantation.
Fingertip amputation is a challenging injury to manage. Among various reconstructive procedures, replantation results in superior outcome, but is seldom considered in many institutions. From theExpand
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Comparison between Moberg Flap and Second Toe Pulp Free Flap for Coverage of Tip Amputation of Thumb
Purpose: Transverse type or volar oblique type of defect of thumb tip can be covered by Moberg flap or second toe pulp free flap. We compared these two methods in functional result, patients’Expand
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Nail Bed Resurfacing with Split-Thickness Nail Bed Graft
The presence of a fingernail is important in facilitating tactile sensibility to finger pulp, stabilizing the tip for refined pinch, scratching and providing dorsal protection. Many reconstructiveExpand
Reconstruction of Hand using Anterolateral Thigh Fascial Free Flap
Purpose: The provision of thin and pliable tissue and the adequate coverage of tendon-gliding surface is necessary for a soft tissue defect of the hand with exposure of bone, tendon and muscle. ThisExpand
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Ischemia Time up to 18 Hours Does not Affect Survival Rate of Replanted Finger Digits
【Purpose: There are multiple dependent variables commonly attributed to survival of replanted digits. The ischemia time is thought to be a clinically relevant factor. However, controversy exists asExpand
Loop Suture Technique for Flexor Digitorum Profundus Tendon Repair in the Insertion Site
Purpose: In the case of repair for far distal parts of FDP (Flexor digitorum profundus) division, the method of either pull-out suture or fixation of tendon to the distal phalanx is preferred. InExpand
Reconstruction of hand
산업시설의 자동화가 보편화되면서 수부외상의 빈도는 많 이 감소하고 있고 고령화가 진행되면서 환자의 양상도 변화 하고 있다. 국내 수부외과학회에서는 수부외과 세부전문의 제도를 시행하여 치료의 질적 향상을 도모하면서 수부외상 에 대한 전문성을 강조하고 있다. 또한 의료의 접근성이 향 상되고 미용적인 관심이 증가하면서 예전에는 병원문을 두 드리지 않았을Expand
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Replantation of Amputated Digits in Elderly Patients
Purpose: As the mean life expectancy of people has been prolonged, and the elderly people who participate in the production activities has been increasing, it is expected that the demand on theExpand