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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Axin2 gene which negatively regulates the Wnt signaling pathway was cloned recently. A truncated mutation of Axin2 (mtAxin2) is the most common mutation pattern in colorectal cancer (CRC) and could enhance the luciferase activity of T-cell factor (TCF). This study was to explore the mechanism of Wnt signaling pathway regulation by(More)
Lampreys belong to the superclass Cyclostomata and represent the most ancient group of vertebrates. Existing for over 360 million years, they are known as living fossils due to their many evolutionally conserved features. They are not only a keystone species for studying the origin and evolution of vertebrates, but also one of the best models for(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Recently, high-dose docetaxel has been proved to be an effective antineoplastic drug in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.However,there was a few reports about moderate-dose docetaxel and Adriamycin in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. This study was designed to observe the response rate and toxic reaction of Taxotere(More)
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