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In this paper, we proposed a novel image steganographic method. Considering the visual quality of the stego-image, the pixels of host image are classified into three groups according to the noise visibility function values of the pixels. For each group of pixels, the corresponding secret pixel values go through an optimal substitution process and are(More)
This paper studies Multi-Resolution Modeling (MRM) method of Train Control System based on multi resolution modeling (MRM) and analyses in detail about aggregation-disaggregation theory as well as consistency of MRM. Due to the characteristics of Train Control System as being multi-node and distributed, subsystems of Train Control System using different(More)
The software testing plays an important role in its lifecycle, and more and more automatic testings are adopted and make it more concise and efficient. Based on the introduction of the importance of the automatic testing, this paper has proposed methods to implement the automatic testing with some examples, and discussed the realization of the performance(More)
In this article, we investigate the use of joint α-entropy for 3D ear matching by incorporating the local shape feature of 3D ears into the joint α-entropy. First, we extract a sufficient number of key points from the 3D ear point cloud, and fit the neighborhood of each key point to a single-value quadric surface on product parameter regions. Second, we(More)
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