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This paper proposes an energy efficient clustering algorithm for self-organizing and self-managing WSNs, called SNOW cluster. It introduces region node selection as well as cluster head election based on the residual battery capacity of nodes to reduce the costs of managing sensor nodes and of the communication among them. SNOW cluster clusters periodically(More)
This paper proposes a Connected Dominating Set (CDS) based clustering algorithm to prevent the broadcast storm problem in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs). The proposed algorithm accounts for the mobility and degrees of vehicles, and matches the highly dynamic nature of VANETs. VANETs are infrastructure less multihop wireless networks. Routing in VANETs(More)
Case 3 : disguise of another node (false report) Case 4 : another node temporary false report Case 5 : normal node malicious node (false report) Apply to AODV-based Proposed scheme Environments for performance Evaluation Conclusions 3/21 Motivation MANET Have focused on wireless channel access Multi hop routing based on an assumption that network elements(More)
An important objective of surveillance sensor networks is to effectively monitor the environment, and detect, localize, and classify targets of interest. The optimal sensor placement enables us to minimize manpower and time, to acquire accurate information on target situation and movement, and to rapidly change tactics in the dynamic field. Most of previous(More)