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This paper presents two models based on the LuGre model for friction with consideration of thermal effects. In Model I, parameters in the LuGre model are considered as temperature dependent. In Model II, parameters in the LuGre model are considered as temperature independent; while a temperature-dependent function is added to the temperature-independent(More)
An open randomized comparison of 2 days (Ofx2) versus 3 days (Ofx3) of oral ofloxacin treatment (15 mg/kg/day) was conducted with Vietnamese children between 1 and 15 years of age with suspected typhoid fever. Of 108 children enrolled, 100 were blood culture positive for Salmonella typhi, and 86% of the isolates were multidrug resistant. There were no(More)
The piezoelectric stick-slip (PZT-SS) actuator is known to achieve motion with a theoretically unlimited range yet high resolution (several nanometers). In this type of actuator, friction plays an active role in producing a meaningful stick-slip motion. However, friction is a source of heat which may cause significant temperature rise, affecting the dynamic(More)
Flos Lonicerae Japonicae (FLJ) is a popular herb used for many centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a treatment of fever and inflammation. Non-fumigated processing of FLJ has been the traditional approach used in post-harvest preparation of the commodity for commercial use. However, in recent years, natural drying processing of FLJ has been replaced(More)
An accurate and reliable method of high-performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint combining with multi-ingredient determination was developed and validated to evaluate the influence of sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba on the quality and chemical constituents of Si Wu Tang. Multivariate data analysis including hierarchical cluster analysis and(More)
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