Si-Chun Zhang

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Patient-specific modeling of ventricular electrophysiology requires an interpolated reconstruction of the 3-dimensional (3D) geometry of the patient ventricles from the low-resolution (Lo-res) clinical images. The goal of this study was to implement a processing pipeline for obtaining the interpolated reconstruction, and thoroughly evaluate the efficacy of(More)
The global DNA methylation degree may be a ubiquitous and early biomarker to distinguish cancer cells from benign cells. However, its usefulness in clinical diagnosis was scarcely demonstrated, because the cancer cells isolated from patients were usually very rare. Even if 10 mL of peripheral blood was sampled from a patient, only tens of cancer cells could(More)
Integrating droplet-based microfluidics with mass spectrometry is essential to high-throughput and multiple analysis of single cells. Nevertheless, matrix effects such as the interference of culture medium and intracellular components influence the sensitivity and the accuracy of results in single-cell analysis. To resolve this problem, we developed a(More)
Selective activation of benzene has been mainly limited to the C-H activation. Simple replacement of one carbon in benzene with another atom remains unresolved due to the high dissociation energy. Herein, we demonstrate a direct breakage of the particularly strong C = C bond in benzene through ion-molecule reaction in a low-temperature plasma, in which one(More)
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