Si-Chun Zhang

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Patient-specific modeling of ventricular electrophysiology requires an interpolated reconstruction of the 3-dimensional (3D) geometry of the patient ventricles from the low-resolution (Lo-res) clinical images. The goal of this study was to implement a processing pipeline for obtaining the interpolated reconstruction, and thoroughly evaluate the efficacy of(More)
Integrating droplet-based microfluidics with mass spectrometry is essential to high-throughput and multiple analysis of single cells. Nevertheless, matrix effects such as the interference of culture medium and intracellular components influence the sensitivity and the accuracy of results in single-cell analysis. To resolve this problem, we developed a(More)
Selective activation of benzene has been mainly limited to the C-H activation. Simple replacement of one carbon in benzene with another atom remains unresolved due to the high dissociation energy. Herein, we demonstrate a direct breakage of the particularly strong C = C bond in benzene through ion-molecule reaction in a low-temperature plasma, in which one(More)
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