Siân T. Howard

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The nucleotide sequence of 42090 bp of vaccinia virus strain WR is presented. The sequence includes the SalI L, F, G and I fragments and starts near the centre of the HindIII A fragment and extends rightwards towards the genomic terminus, finishing approximately 0.5 kb internal of the inverted terminal repeat (ITR). Translation of this region has identified(More)
Vaccinia virus particles contain a protein kinase with an Mr of 62K calculated from sedimentation rate. We have sequenced the SalI G restriction fragment of the vaccinia virus genome near to the right inverted terminal repeat and have identified two genes which share 36% amino acid identity with each other and are related to the family of protein kinase(More)
The various conformers of the dicarboxylic acids HO2C--(CH2)n--CO2H, n = 1-4, were obtained using density functional methods (DFT), both in the gas phase and in the aqueous phase using a polarized continuum model (PCM). Several new conformers were identified, particularly for the two larger molecules glutaric (n = 3) and adipic acid (n =4). The PCM results(More)
The anionic tripodal N-heterocyclic carbene (C3N2H3)3BH- first prepared by Fehlhammer, together with three neutral variants, (C3N2H3)3CH, (C3N2H3)3P, and (C3N2H3)3SiH, have been studied using quantum chemical methods. Isodesmic reactions are used to deduce that the phosphine-bridgehead species in particular has a large-resonance stabilization energy. All(More)
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