Shyqyri Haxha

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The effects of velocity matching, impedance matching, conductor loss, and dielectric loss on the optical bandwidth of an ultra-high-speed lithium niobate modulator are reported. It is shown that both dielectric loss and impedance matching play a key role for velocity-matched high-speed modulators with low conductor loss. The effects of etch depth, buffer(More)
In this paper, we report a design of high sensitivity Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) sensor with high birefringence and low confinement losses for liquid analyte sensing applications. The proposed PCF structures are designed with supplementary elliptical air holes in the core region vertically-shaped V-PCF and horizontally-shaped H-PCF. The full vectorial(More)
Highly nonlinear birefringent Photonic Crystal Fibre (PCF) that exhibits low losses and small effective mode area across a wide wavelength range has been presented. The effects of angular orientation on bending losses of the proposed PCFs have been thoroughly investigated by employing a full vectorial finite element method (FEM). It has been demonstrated(More)
This paper presents a theoretical investigation of a novel holey fiber (Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF)) multi-channel biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The large gold coated micro fluidic channels and elliptical air hole design of our proposed biosensor aided by a high refractive index over layer in two channels enables operation in two(More)
The Standard Plenoptic Camera (SPC) is an innovation in photography, allowing for acquiring two-dimensional images focused at different depths, from a single exposure. Contrary to conventional cameras, the SPC consists of a micro lens array and a main lens projecting virtual lenses into object space. For the first time, the present research provides an(More)
A theoretical study on a novel planar waveguide surface Plasmon Biosensor is presented in this paper. The proposed biosensor has a configuration similar to the Otto excitation mechanism for surface Plasmon polaritons. The performance of the device with respect to key system parameters such as gap-width and device length is investigated using an eigenmode(More)
A study of lateral, vertical, and combined spot-size converters is presented that employs full-vectorial numerical techniques such as modal solution and beam propagation based on the finite-element method. Spot-size expansion, coupling efficiency to an optical fiber, the mode-beating phenomenon, and transmission losses are demonstrated for all three(More)
A theoretical study on a dual channel planar waveguide surface plasmon biosensor is presented in this paper. The proposed device consists of a planar waveguide with two active regions. It has been demonstrated that the proposed waveguide sensor can be configured to operate in either multi analyte or self referencing mode. The channel discriminative property(More)
Plenoptic cameras have been used to computationally generate viewpoint images from the captured light field. This paper aims to provide a prediction of corresponding virtual camera positions based on the parameters of a standard plenoptic camera setup. Furthermore, by tracing light rays from the sensor to the object space, a solution is proposed to estimate(More)