Shyi-Tsong Wu

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Elliptic curve cryptography sustains equal security for afar small key size. Recently the pairings operations on elliptic curve have received considerable attention. In this paper, we apply the cryptographic primitive of pairings on elliptic curve to a remote password authentication scheme with smart cards. The proposed pairing-based remote authentication(More)
Virtual Technology has been employed by cloud computing to satisfy service requests from the customers. Virtual machine live migration provides non-stop services while an unexpected event impacts the service quality of the host. The cost of performing live migration is measured by the total number of transferred pages and the service suspension time. In(More)
Multicast communication is an efficient way to send data to a group of participants and its security issue has received a great deal of attention. As members can join or leave a multicast group dynamically, to guarantee confidentiality, it has to have a dynamic key management mechanism. In this paper, we apply the pairings on elliptic curve and propose an(More)
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