Shyh-In Hwang

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Many geographic routing protocols have been proposed to aid routing path discovery. They can help to reduce the cost of broadcasting, and increase the battery life time of the whole system. However, most such protocols made a strong assumption that the position of the destination node is easy to know or is readily available. In reality, the assumption does(More)
Traditional Computer Science curricula focus on the training for logic reasoning and programming skills. System integration is often not covered in computer science curricula. As the embedded platforms migrate from 8-bit microprocessors to 32-bit microprocessors, the engineers require different skills to design modern embedded systems. The Computer Science(More)
W e consider t h e schedulability-oriented replication problem of a set of periodic real-time tasks where each task can be decomposed i n t o several modules and intermodule communicat ions . T h e objective i s t o find a n allocation in which there exists a feasible schedule f o r t h e given task set . In t h i s paper, we adopt a c o m m u nication(More)
Real-timecomputer systems are essential for many applications, such asrobot control, avionics, medical instrumentation, manufacturing,etc. The correctness of the system depends on the temporal correctnessas well as the functional correctness of the task executions.In order to assure temporal correctness it is necessary thatthe resources be scheduled to meet(More)
Vacuuming robots have been more and more popular in the house cleaning. But most of such products on the market do not work efficiently. The common drawbacks are random cleaning path, lack of map information, and excessive power consumption. To solve the problems, a localization system is needed. The techniques such as Zigbee, wireless or ultrasound were(More)
For monitoring critical applications, the K-coverage configuration is extensively exploited to ensure that each location is covered by at least K active sensor nodes. The well-known K-coverage eligibility (KE) algorithm ensures that a monitored area is K-covered, but incurs a considerably high computation cost. Several approximate algorithms accomplish the(More)
In wireless ad hoc networks, broadcasting is widely used by routing protocols to disseminate link/node state information or route discovery requests. However, broadcasting by blind flooding is highly energy-intensive and may involve serious redundancy, contention, and collision known as a broadcast storm problem. In this paper, two schemes are proposed to(More)
The efficiency of routing schemes in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) depends significantly on the number of forwarding hosts for propagating route discovery requests and data packets. In this paper, two approaches are proposed to minimize the number of forwarding hosts. First, a distributed topology formation algorithm called hotspot-mesh is presented to(More)