Shyh-Huei Hwang

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The macro-modeling technique of single electron transistors has been applied to the SPICE simulation of single-electron/CMOS hybrid circuits. Several hybrid circuits such as an SET-NMOS pair and a single electron NOR-gate with CMOS buffers have been simulated and efficient interface characteristics have been demonstrated. This technique is simple to perform(More)
—This letter reports an anomalous subthreshold characteristic of MOSFET for the first time. It is observed that the subthreshold characteristic does not change as the channel length decreases. The cause of channel length independent subthreshold characteristics is identified as the localized pileup of channel dopants near the source and drain ends of the(More)
We report the selective growth of InAs self-assembled quantum dots ͑SAQDs͒ on silicon-dioxide/ silicon (SiO 2 /Si) substrates patterned in nanometer scale. The SiO 2 thin film is found to be an efficient mask material for prohibiting the growth of InAs SAQDs, while the formation of stable SAQDs is observed on the exposed surface of Si. We have utilized this(More)
It is always difficult to find relevant information in unstructured text documents. In this paper we study the methods of fuzzy search, instant search and proximity ranking and how they can be used in the process of annotation of documents. These various methods can be integrated to give better search results and to achieve efficient space and time(More)
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