Shyh-Haur Su

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This work presents a robot system for throwing a ball into a basket. A stereo vision system is used to measure the position of the target in 3D space. The ball-throwing transformation between the input command of the robot system and the target position is built by cubic polynomial. Through ball-throwing transformation with visual feedback for target(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel self image rectification algorithm for uncalibrated stereo video sequences. Different from conventional stereo systems, this algorithm performs adaptive calibration that allows unequal motions and zooming effects in both cameras. For the first stereo frame, we estimate a reduced set of camera parameters through a nonlinear(More)
In this work we present a robotic ball catcher with embedded visual servo processor. The embedded visual servo processor with powerful parallel computing capability is used as the computation platform to track and triangulate a flying ball's position in 3D based on stereo vision. A recursive least squares algorithm for model-based path prediction of the(More)
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