Shyh Chyan Chen

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PURPOSE We report on 5 boys with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder, describe the identifying characteristics, review the literature, and define the issues of diagnosis, treatment and followup in this rare disease in pediatric patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five boys 11 to 18 years old were identified with transitional cell carcinoma of the(More)
PURPOSE Congenital anterior urethrocutaneous fistula is a rare anomaly that may present in an isolated fashion or in association with other penile abnormalities, such as chordee or hypospadias. There have been 18 cases of congenital anterior urethrocutaneous fistula reported in the literature. We present 14 additional cases of congenital anterior(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Total correction of proximal hypospadias and penoscrotal transposition (PST) is a challenge to surgeons. Staged operation is usually recommended because the blood supply to the neourethra or the skin covering the penile shaft may be severed during scrotoplasty. This paper describes results obtained using a new technique for total(More)
PURPOSE We introduce a hydrodissection technique to preserve the thin distal urethra when treating chordee without hypospadias. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 18 patients with chordee but without hypospadias were surgically treated in 3 years, including 7 (38.9%) with a segment of thin distal urethra. A hydrodissection technique was used to preserve the(More)
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