Shyamala G. Nadathur

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This study uses hospital administrative data to ascertain the differences in the patient characteristics, process and outcomes of care between the Emergency Department (ED) triage categories of patients admitted from an ED presentation into a large metropolitan teaching hospital with a Stroke Care Unit. Bayesian Networks (BNs) derived from the(More)
Strategically there is a need to not only take a clinical process view of health care delivery but also identify the appropriate information to support the processes. When considering the clinical process view, the challenge for continuous quality improvement is to eliminate inappropriate process steps, and continuously document performance/outcome. The(More)
dAtA MInInG In tHe HeAltH doMAIn As information systems are becoming more commonplace, healthcare routinely generates large clinical and administrative datasets in the process of patient care (Bates et al. AbstrAct Large datasets are regularly collected in biomedicine and healthcare (here referred to as the 'health domain'). These datasets have some unique(More)
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