Shyamal Kr. Das Mandal

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In the last decade there has been a shift towards development of speech synthesizer using concatenative synthesis technique instead of parametric synthesis. There are a number of different methodologies for concatenative synthesis like TDPSOLA, PSOLA, and MBROLA. This paper, describes a concatenative speech synthesis system based on Epoch Synchronous Non(More)
This paper investigates the intonational properties of different types of sentence by using EMD analysis of Bangla language. The study is about yes/no questions, wh-questions and declarative sentences. The speech material used for the present study is 45 read utterances recorded in laboratory conditions. The result shows that the intonation pattern for(More)
Pause plays important roles for the intelligibil-ity, naturalness and fluency of speech. This paper reported the effect of native (L1) Ben-gali speakers' fluency of English on occurrence probability and duration of sentence-medial pauses with respect to three factors: phrase type, phrase length (l), distance (d). In this analysis, 40 nonnative (L2) English(More)