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Household energy, women's hardship and health impacts in rural Rajasthan, India: need for sustainable energy solutions
The use of unprocessed bio-fuels for cooking is interlinked with many other factors such as socio-economic conditions, availability of alternative fuels, cooking practices, health impacts, genderExpand
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Coastal afforestation effects on soil properties at Hatiya in Bangladesh
An exploratory study was conducted in the coastal plantation (12- and 17-year-old Sonneratia apetala) of Char Alim and Char Piya and their adjacent barren lands at Char Rehania and Char Nurul IslamExpand
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Single-well tracer push-pull test sensitivity w. r. to fracture aperture and spacing
Dealing with a parallel-fracture system of infinite lateral and radial extension, four characteristic regimes of tracer signal sensitivity towards fracture aperture b and fracture spacing s (whoseExpand
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Water quality of Kaptai reservoir in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh
A study was conducted in Kaptai reservoir, one of the largest man-made freshwater lakes of South-east Asia, to determine present status of water quality and its suitability for fishing and otherExpand
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Effect of land cover on water quality of creek and seepage in mountainous watershed in Bangladesh
The flowing water was collected from very small creeks and seepage water from small dug holes at three different areas, viz. Manikchari, Ghagra and Muralipara in Rangamati district of Chittagong HillExpand
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Water quality parameter as a predictor of small watershed land cover
Abstract Different land cover affect water quality through interaction at root microsite during various phase of nutrient uptake. Litter layer and its decomposition, microbial interactions andExpand
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EGS in Sedimentary Basins: Sensitivity of Early-flowback Tracer Signals to Induced Fracture Parameters☆
Abstract Short-term flowback signals from injection-flowback tracer test face a certain degree of ambiguity in fracture parameter inversion from the measured signal of a single tracer. This ambiguityExpand
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Single-well tracer push-pull method development for subsurface process characterization
Geological inherent knowledge, hydraulic test and geophysical methods can estimate most of the stimulated georeservoir properties. The transport effective parameters such as fracture aperture andExpand
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Early time flowback tracer test for stimulated crystalline-georeservoir of multiple parallel fracture characterization
Stimulated georeservoir needs to deal with the fracture properties of which, most of them are estimated from geological inherent knowledge, hydraulic test and geophysical methods except transportExpand