Shyamal K. Chowdhury

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This paper assesses the impact of information cost and other transaction costs on rural producers’ discrete choice between selling to middlemen and direct buyers, and continuous choice of selling intensity to middlemen and direct buyers. Using transaction costs economics as an analytical framework to decompose the different origins of transaction costs, the(More)
In this paper we have studied the worst case performance of the weighted buddy system of memory management. Specifically we have derived lower bounds of two system parameters NETREQ and NETALLOC for a weighted buddy system in case of unrestricted request sequence and stated a few preliminary results for those parameters in case of allocation only request(More)
We consider a two-node ATM network. Several video sources are multiplexed at the source node. Five alternative aigortihms for bandwidth allocation to the video sources are considered: the Static Slot Assignment Algorithm, the Buffer-Population-Based Dynamic Slot Assignment Algorithm, the Adaptive Slot Assignment Algorithm, the First-Come First-Serve Slot(More)
In computer networks supporting virtual circuits, packets are delivered at the destination in the same sequence as they are received at the source. These packets may arrive at a node D out of sequence if sent from a node S with multiple links connecting it to D. Consequently, packets may experience resequencing delay at D to put them back in sequence. The(More)
Diode and thyristor based solid state converters are preferred because of their high reliability in applications for bulk power conversion. These converters generally use Power diodes or SCR (silicon controlled rectifiers) which has non-linear characteristics. Due to this reason such converters generate highly non-sinusoidal currents at the power supply(More)
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